Hello Friends!

Hello Friends!

I have nothing to sell you today, and nothing yet to announce. I write only to add my voice to the choir of spring colors that celebrate the fact that you exist. You, my friends and readers, have been a blessing to me beyond anything I dared to even hope for in those early days passed in countless coffee shops penning Trevor’s tale in South of Bixby Bridge.

New Book Announcement

Dear Friend,

I wanted to be the first to tell you about my upcoming release from Atria Books. Falling For June is a stand-alone love story, and possibly my proudest literary accomplishment to date. Researching and writing this novel sent me and my trusty notebook halfway across the globe, including jumping out of airplanes in Spain, only to return home again to find my story's ending waiting for me in a hidden mountain glen. Never before has writing a book moved me more; I hope reading it is just as moving for you.

Ryan Winfield.

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